South Bend Woodworks

For this client we manage all things social media! This means handling Facebook and Instagram accounts of both their toys division + puzzle division, as well as providing consultation on their TikTok account. Our main goal is focusing on brand positioning and story telling.


South Bend Wood Works was a family owned business dedicated to creating wooden toys, home goods, and other family oriented wooden products. I was challenged with fixing their social media so that it would be more consistent and reach more people to pull into their sales funnel. They had hired a "content mill" social media company prior who bought their followers + posted content that was not gaining results - thus I was tasked with reversing the damage.


I reassessed their target market and ensured each post going out was purposeful, informational, and coincided with their branding. I also implemented the use of reels, stories, carousels, etc. rather than just stagnant posts.


Within the first 3 months I was able to increase their reach by 91.6% via a strong hashtag strategy & reels consultations.


Simultaneously their engagement rate grew by 203%.


As for followers, we are working to cleanse the account of inactive & fake followers, so tracking the exact amount of growth is difficult. However, when I started, the account was estimated to have 112 real followers and now it is estimated to have 578 real followers.

Content Samples

Social mockups.png